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Deciding to participate in an alcohol or drug detox program is just the first step toward living a better, healthier life. At Malibu Horizon, our recovery methods work because we treat each individual for possible co-occurring disorders. Please take a look at the following testimonials from former patients of our program.

Feedback from Graduates of the Malibu Horizon Program

I want to be sure and thank Dr. Mohammad and the staff at Malibu Horizon for saving my life. I was a terribly addicted opiate drug abuser for nearly 30 years. And I was a meth user for 7 years. I went to Malibu Horizon's treatment center and have been clean and sober for over 3 years now. The Malibu Horizon program really worked wonders for me. Thank you Dr Mohammad, you and Malibu Horizon saved my life.

I truly believe if it weren't for Malibu Horizon my daughter would be dead by now. She was so sick and i couldn't find anyone that could, or would, help her. I was frustrated with the places here in Washington that were no help to her what so ever. I was seriously looking at planning her funeral. I thought it was the only option left for her. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what Malibu has accomplished with her. For the first time in almost 3 years, I'm starting to believe she'll actually have a long and productive life. Please tell all the staff how thankful i am for everything they've done for my daughter and for giving her a second chance at life. Thank you, Melinda

Thank you for all your help and support. Without you guys I would have never changed from a thief, opiate addict on the verge of death, into a college graduate that has been sober for over a year and a half. Thank you so much, your care and support have carried me through my tough times! I wish you were all here today to see the young successful man that you people helped me become, thank you!! - Jeff S., Seattle, WA

I feel more prepared to deal with recovery after having spent one month at Malibu Horizons than multiple months at most of the other places I have been that only push the AA modality. And I'm finding it easy to stay sober after Malibu Horizons which is saying a lot considering all the places I've been and all the trouble I've had staying sober." - Brian S., Nashville, TN

"Malibu Horizon has returned my real son back to me for which I am grateful. You can use me as your reference anytime. "- Lothar

"The amazing staff and program of Malibu Horizons is the only reason that i am alive today. They helped me regain my life from my addictions and gave me a new chance at life. I would recommend them to anyone close to me that was struggling with any addiction or related issues." - P.H.

"There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for Dr. Mohammad and every person on staff for helping me transition through a very difficult time in my life. I arrived at Malibu Horizon an addict and I am leaving as a clean and sober person who holds hope for the first time in eleven years. I was always treated with dignity and respect and I will never forget my time here. In some ways it was the best time in m life.
With thanks, love & appreciation." - C.C.

"Being here at Malibu Horizon has been a life altering experience. I basically came here as a last chance at sobriety. The other choice was to continue using and eventually overdose. I owe my life to the staff at Malibu Horizon. They took the time to work with me and work on my issues for the first time. I feel hopeful when I look to the future. It's great to know I do have a future and Malibu Horizon gave me that." - J. L.

"When I boarded the plane that would take me to California I was unsure what awaited me at Malibu Horizon. What I know now, as I prepare to leave, is that these past 30 days have been exactly what I needed to start my new, sober life. From the moment I walked through the door I felt like I belonged. Both the staff and the other clients made me feel welcome. Throughout my stay the attention I received in both group settings and individual sessions was unbelievable. I felt quite comfortable talking to anyone about anything that was on my mind. The entire staff was involved in my treatment and was willing to go the extra mile to help me. I can not express my gratitude to Malibu Horizon enough. From the therapists to the chef to the housekeepers my sincere thanks are give." - P.S.

"Malibu Horizon not only saved my life but they gave me a new life. My family and I are so happy we picked Malibu Horizon over all the other rehabs in Malibu because without their Director, Dr. Mohammad, and his well trained nursing staff, I am sure I would have severely suffered. They were prompt to getting me, which could be prescribed by our consulting physician, the most advanced medication to provide me with a safe and comfortable detox. I was only planning on staying for a 7 day detox but after receiving so much tender loving care I felt I had to stay longer to see what they could to do to help me build on my recovery. I learned with the help of the staff how to work on myself as a whole person. I was shocked to learn I have a disease that will last the rest of my life. However, the staff presented me with tools in order to manage my disease. I understand that it will not be a smooth path and that there will be difficulties along the way but I have learned I don't have to do it alone. I will always have my family at Malibu Horizon." - M.M.

"I would recommend Malibu Horizons to anyone who is struggling with an addiction. From the moment I spoke to Kelly, the Intake Director, I felt welcomed with an open invitation full of warmth, empathy and professionalism. I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Mohammad's up-to-date knowledge on the latest pharmaceutical treatments available. I also felt the staff offered alternatives to the 12 step program with each therapist offering a unique and different approach. Making the transition home with a care service to and from the Malibu Horizons made the decision easy and simple for me. The small, quaint, warm surroundings made me feel comfortable during the physical and psychological changes you go through during the detox and throughout the program. The atmosphere, staff, and unique treatment was the best thing I could have done for myself to begin my recovery process." - M.F. Studio Musician

"Ever feel like people look down on you?...Well, here's your chance to get away, relax, slow down, and escape." While overlooking an outstanding view of Malibu, the treatment center allows you to feel comfortable while at the same time taking care of all your personal needs. We are treated CELEBRITY STYLE with deliciously cooked gourmet meals by our own personal chef. We are not tailgated twenty four-seven hours a day but instead are cared for and loved by all the staff.
This is not a treatment center that wakes you up at 6 am. to clean toilets. Coming here was my choice to provide me with a real chance of recovery. The Licensed Nursing and Therapy staff is nothing short of professional and knowledgeable. Our body, minds, and souls were nourished by the yoga, art, and horseback riding. I could stay as long as I wanted and left with a full feeling of recovery and a heart that was still beating." - S.N. Student

"Did you ever imagine that a rehabilitation center could be set up like a retreat or a spa getaway?
Two years ago, Dr. Mohammad opened Malibu Horizon. Dr. Mohammad never treats more than 6 patients at a time. This intimate size allows him to really get to know each patient. He does not believe in labeling because he is aware that people suffer from drug and/or alcohol addictions. Dr. Mohammad believes that addiction is a "disease of the brain." He told me "Don't be ashamed to get help." I like that he is certified in addiction medicine and is available 24/7.
The Staff overall exceeded expectation. Mickie, the administrator went above and beyond the call of duty. She was professional, knowledgeable, caring, and very real. Many other patients have commented and made motion of her style and empathy for others.
And who would have thought we would receive gourmet food? Ingrid is an executive chef. She makes amazing meals. She caters to the needs of each the patients including vegetarian, low fat, what ever it may be. Ingrid is also very pleasant to be around. She is incredibly friendly and caring towards the patients.
My stay at Malibu Horizon was comfortable in many ways; it is a beautiful house with a cozy den and relaxing atmosphere. I was impressed with the personal attention I received in my one on one therapy sessions as well as with the group. Cynthia, Dr. Weyand and Sherry did an excellent job working with me on my problems at hand.
Malibu Horizon offers art therapy, yoga, a gym, music therapy, and massage. Now can you imagine a rehab that is like a spa gets away?" - M. E. Sale's representative

"Malibu Horizon literally changed my life. The staff is extraordinary. Each one gave me the tools to live my life clean and sober. Before I came to Malibu Horizon I truly didn't believe that living drug free was possible but while there I learned that life is better off drugs. I am living each day to its fullest with my family and I only have Malibu Horizon to thank! Awesome Place!" - D. P. Teacher

"I traveled a long way to see this place they call Malibu California. It is beautiful. The hills where the house sits are breath taking. I loved waking up to the sunrise and relaxing to the sun set at night. I never would have guessed I could have enjoyed this when I was on drugs. My three-month stay here has made the last 16 months of my life the moat important. I've learned to live again drug free. I am working, in school and sober for the first time in my life. The A's I am getting I have truly earned. One day during my stay Mickie told me "I can't want it more than you." She is right. You've got to want it for yourself. I want to be sober more than anyone else wants me to be sober. I owe it all it the staff at Malibu Horizon and to Dr Mohammad. They've taught me I have a disease that I need to take care of as if it were high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer and I will. I owe it to myself." - J.H. Student

"I found the program offered by Malibu Horizon to be focused, yet quit flexible. The program is tailored for the individual which makes it highly effective. I can strongly recommend Malibu Horizon to everyone seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction." - J.H., project manager- IBM

"My life was in a downward spiral until I entered Malibu Horizon. The program and staff gave me the tools that I needed to make big changes. I've been drug-free and I feel as though anything is possible!" - Karen, a college professor

"This is an incredible program. All I can say is thanks. I have been warmly embraced by friends, family and colleagues at work. Also, I was promoted to a new position in the company that was basically created for me. Love you Dr. Mohammad." - Marina, patient satisfaction coordinator

"My experience at Malibu Horizon is one that I will treasure the rest of my life. I was treated with dignity and respect. You offered me the kind of recovery that has put me in charge of my life. How wonderful to feel the control I thought I had lost. Each of you holds a special place in my heart." - Ashley, sales manager

"Just a brief note to express my deepest thanks for your kindness and caring ..... our son is back in our lives once again. He is doing exceptionally well and our family unit is intact. Dr. Mohammad, you are amazing." - Margaret, mother of Daniel

"Thought I would drop you a line to keep you up to date on my recovery. I haven't touched a drop since returning to the east coast, and I haven't had a hard time doing that. The special skills and tools you gave me are used every day...and every day from here on end. As a sober member of society, I say Hallelujah and my thanks to each and every one of you at Malibu Horizon." - Jonathan, attorney

"When you first told me there was life without drugs I didn't believe you. I arrived at Malibu Horizon scared, depressed and even angry that my parents thought this was a good idea (for me to be in treatment). A year later, we are laughing, embracing, having good times together. I am back in school, as you know, and will graduate this coming May. Can you believe it? You guys are miracle workers." - Nicole, student

"I've been In and out of rehab several times, but nothing had worked. Malibu Horizon helped me get clean and sober -- and then figure out why I was drinking in the first place. They treated my mind, body and spirit, allowing me to heal and take control of my life. Thank you Malibu Horizon...for caring about me and my future!" - Matt, musician and actor

"I've been through treatment too many times and most of the places treat their clients like children who need to be punished if they don't obey. I'd have to say that Malibu Horizons had the most advanced methodology and the most individual respect for its clients of all the treatment centers that I have been to. The therapists and teachers at Malibu Horizons are among the best I have ever experienced. I owe Malibu Horizon my life. I'm so grateful for your help in making it financially possible for me. It provided exactly what I needed and in a comfortable setting individual and group therapy to learn tools and coping skills for sobriety as well as to process through the traumas I have experienced. If I can ever help in any way, please let me know. I'd be happy to talk to a prospective client, or write a letter of recommendation, or whatever else you might need." - Stefan

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