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non 12 step drug rehab treatment center programMalibu Horizon is the leading non 12-step, alcohol and drug abuse treatment center. Our therapy intensive program is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational enhancement therapy (MET). Our individualized therapy-based model offers the best all around rehab program. The therapy-based approach blends together a variety of what are considered the best practices in substance abuse treatment today.

Our program blends together many complimentary therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, abstinence-based counseling, supportive therapy, narrative, motivational effectiveness, couples and family therapy, patient education, and pharmacotherapy. All are brought together to meet the clients' needs at their particular stage of recovery. Every patient receives a through psychological, sociological, interpersonal relationship assessment and evaluation.

Our clinical team of doctors and psychiatrists focus their therapies on treating the underlying causes for an individual's need to compulsively abuse drugs and or alcohol. Our caring and compassionate clinical staff identifies and then accurately addresses the core patterns that have caused a continual return to self-destructive, life-threatening behaviors. Malibu Horizon treats alcohol and substances as very treatable behavioral problems, not as a character flaw or weakens.

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Therapy Based, Non 12 Step Recovery Programs

malibu horizon drug alcohol rehab treatment centerIt is our opinion, religion has no place in drug alcohol rehab and treatment. Federal courts have ruled Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is, in fact, a form of religion. In this case, the federal courts deemed AA a religious organization.

AA is not treatment. It is an effective religiously based, support group, for helping people stay clean and sober, after they have completed a treatment program. Virtually every other treatment center in the country insists their clients work the 12 steps and go to AA meetings, while they are in rehab there.

Unlike other treatment centers, Malibu Horizon builds their treatment program around proven therapeutic principles, not religion. Many clients who come to Malibu Horizon, have tried AA and the 12 steps, without success. They, like most people, don't want to be required to attend and participate in a religious organization.

At Malibu Horizon, each client fully participates in a professional, therapy-based program. This highly acclaimed program is designed to treat all of a client's psychological, social, emotional and behavioral issues. We treat alcohol and drug abuse from a clinical, rather than a religious prospective.

Non 12 Step Treatment Pioneer - Dr. Akikur Mohammad MD

Dr. Mohammad M.D. founder of Malibu HorizonDr. Mohammad MD, is an innovative pioneer in the field of non-12 step drug and alcohol treatment. As the founder of Malibu Horizon treatment center, Dr. Mohammad sets the new standard for treating alcoholism and drug addiction as medical conditions, not character flaws or weaknesses. Dr. Mohammad is a Board Certified Addictionologist and Psychiatrist, specializing in Addiction Medicine and co-occurring mood disorders. Dr. Mohammad is long standing member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Dr. Mohammad does have a 50% ownership interest in Malibu Horizon.

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The Differences Between Non 12 Step vs. Traditional 12 Step Rehab

Malibu Horizon is not opposed or against the 12 steps in any way whatsoever. We do not, however, feel they should be the core, or even an integral part of inpatient drug alcohol rehab and treatment.

The 12 steps, of course, are referring to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). There is no question they are a fantastic support group for staying clean and or sober, after rehab. The problem with making the central theme of inpatient drug rehab is that is a form of "religion" and therefore should not be forced on anyone in or out of rehab. Also, the 12 step approach does not work for the majority of people who try it.

The AA approach to staying sober is based on working the “12 steps”. These are twelve distinct activities designed to have a “spiritual awakening”. They include, among the twelve, turning your life and will over to the care of a power greater than yourself, specifically “God”. Other steps include making restitution for harms done, prayer and meditation and admitting you’re powerless over alcohol.

non 12 step rehab includes lots of activitiesThere was a time, not long ago, when all the drug treatment centers made the 12 steps the central core of their program. The problem with that approach is the 12 steps do not work for everyone, not by a long shot. Yes, they have had a lot of success. The truth is , that since recovery is literally a live or death proposition, there must be some accounting for that percentage of people who, for whatever reason, the 12 steps do not work. The new, modern non 12 step approach puts the 12 steps in their proper place, as the best aftercare or after rehab support program of all times. The 12 steps are NOT treatment. Treatment means to clinically and therapeutically treat a person for their issues and problems. Specifically, the issues that made them addicts and or alcoholics in the first place.

It is our opinion the better approach is to present, in detail, both options to each individual early in their rehab, and let them decide. For many, the religious overtones of the 12 steps turn some people off and they don’t have anywhere else to turn.

What is a Non 12 Step Recovery Program?

First, what are the 12 Steps?

For almost 75 years the 12 step treatment program has been used to help thousands of individuals struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. This philosophy is still being used all over the country by residential drug treatment programs as well as hundreds of local AA and NA groups. While this program has proved to be successful for a lot of struggling individuals, it is not without its flaws. Because drug addiction and dependence is such a serious and complicated disease, a 12 step program that may work for someone, may not necessarily work for another. Actually, the majority of statistics show that the entire 12 step treatment approach is extremely ineffective in treating long term drug and alcohol addiction and doesn’t provide individuals with the tools they need to remain sober over the long term.

Limitations of the 12 Step Program

While 12 step programs and meetings are great places to find support and guidance when struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, most studies find these programs to be largely unsuccessful. These studies show that fewer than 10% of people who attend 12 step programs actually achieve sobriety over the long term. One of the mains reasons for this is the large emphasis the program puts on the group dynamic, instead of the individual. When drug rehabilitation is done solely through a group setting, it give each individual the necessary time and therapies to really get down to the underlying reasons behind their addictions. Because group sessions tend to spread the focus around to the overall betterment of the group, and not necessarily the individual, they often lack the necessary depth to truly get to the root of the problem.

Non 12 Step Rehab Recovery Programs

Non 12 Step treatment centers are basically any kind of treatment center that does not revolve their entire treatment philosophy around the 12 step model. Now this isn’t to say that they might not incorporate some of the 12 step philosophy into their treatment, but instead will focus on a wider range of treatment methods. Successful non 12 step treatment centers effectively know how to use different treatment models and motivational techniques that fit the current needs and personality of their patients. Secondly, successful non 12 step based treatment centers will work closely with patients to help them identify and address the personal meaning behind their addiction, and any psychological or emotional triggers that may be leading to their substance abuse. This type of wide-ranging and holistic treatment method helps patients to come to terms with their emotions and their addictions, instead of bottling it up and exploring it down the road. This self-empowering approach, mixed with specialized individual treatment is the hallmark of any good Non 12 Step Treatment center.

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