Drug Addiction Alcohol Rehab Centers in California

Here is a map of some drug alcohol abuse rehab treatment centers in California

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  (A) Cliffside Malibu
30060 Andromeda Lane Malibu, CA 90265
(800) 501-1988

(D) Circle of Help Alcohol Rehab Center
1011 Goodrich Blvd Los Angeles, CA
‎(323) 888-9191
  (B) Orange County Detox, Inc.
546 Hamilton Street Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(877) 338-6962

(E) Accredited Drug Rehab
Laguna Beach, CA
(949) 415-5444
  (C) Melrose Accredited Drug Rehab
Los Angeles, CA
(888) 438-1984
(F) Promises Treatment Centers
20729 Rockcroft Drive Malibu, CA 90265
(877) 439-9430

Finding the Right California Drug Alcohol Rehab Center

drinking a lot of water is for detoxingWhile there are literally hundreds of rehab centers all over the Golden State, finding the right California drug rehab center can be a long and difficult process. Because there are so many different types of rehab programs to choose from, how do you know what type of drug rehab program is best suited for you? Some California drug rehab centers are focused on treating one particular type of addiction such as opiates, or alcohol, methamphetamines, marijuana, or cocaine. There is a number of excellent inpatient, residential drug rehab centers where patients stay for an extended period of time to get comprehensive treatment. There are also many outpatient drug rehab programs where patients seek treatment a few days a week at a facility or support group near their house. There are several holistic or spiritual centered drug rehab facilities all over the state, where the entire treatment is based around a holistic or spiritual philosophy. Regardless of the type or severity of your addiction, there are plenty of excellent California drug rehab facilities best suited for you, that can help you to regain control of your life and finally get your addiction under control.

exercise helps make new healthy habitsWhen looking for the right type of drug rehab facility in California, there are a number of important things you should be looking out for. First of all, do they offer an individualized and comprehensive treatment model that focuses on your unique addiction problems, as well as any underlying factors that may be contributing to your addictive state? This is an important factor because there is no blanket cure for addiction, and addiction affects everybody differently. Some people are more prone to addiction, while some people use their addiction as a way to escape reality or cope with the pain. Also, every type of addiction is different and needs different types of treatment and therapies to be effective. This is why 12 step programs, or instant addiction fads are rarely ever successful in treating addiction over the long term.

One of the best things you can do when searching for a California drug rehab facility is find a somewhere that offers dual diagnosis therapy. Dual diagnosis therapy is when a physician treats a patient for an alcohol or drug problem, as well as any corresponding mental or psychiatric condition the patient may be suffering from. This would include depression, anxiety, bi-polar, ADHD, and many others. Because many addictions are mere symptoms of underlying mental or physical health problems, it can be virtually impossible to treat an addiction without also addressing these issues. Dual diagnosis treatment centers will work hard to help clients resolve these underlying health issues that can be at the root cause of your addiction, so that the problem can be resolved350once and for all.

Currently, the state of California has one of the worst drug overdose death rates in the country. Largely due to overdosing on heroin and popular opiate based prescription pills like OxyContin and Vicodin. Drug abuse is also responsible for thousands of arrests every year with imprisonment rates rising out of control, costing the state of California billions of dollars every year. This often leads to a revolving door where the higher rate of arrests leads to stricter drug laws and more aggressive sentencing policies to deter illegal drug activity. However, a more aggressive drug policy tends to only backfire against the state, as prisons fill with non-violent criminals, causing the average tax payer thousands of extra dollars each year. Instead of locking away non-violent drug offenders in prison for years at a time, a sensible approach would be to help these individuals to find treatment.

You also want to do some research about your California drug rehab facility before starting their program. One thing you can do is to look over reviews either on the company’s website or on different review sites to check out the quality of the care and how well it worked for people in the past. You can also contact the facility to ask them about what their overall patient success rates are and if they have any national accreditations from any national health or drug rehab associations.

Drug and alcohol abuse are progressive diseases. For drug rehab to be successful, an individual needs to find the right best treatment center which fits their needs. Finding the right southern california drug alcohol rehab treatment center is the most important first step in the treatment rehabilitation process.

There are thousands of substance abuse treatment programs in the state of California. No two California rehab centers are even remotely alike. Each has its own staff, facilities, program and philosophy. Drug addiction and alcohol abuse are fatal diseases, so choosing the right treatment center is very important. Most people don’t know much about the treatment rehabilitation process, which makes choosing the best program even more difficult.

California Department of Drug Alcohol Program Administration

The state of California has a large public resource available to people who want more information about Durg rehab programs in California. They have a lot of helpful information on their website, here;

- The State of California Alcohol and Drug Programs
- Hot lines & Help
- CA Drug Rehab Resource Center
- Criminal Justice - DUI
- CA Drug Alcohol Treatment Info
- Dual Diagnosis Capability in Addiction Treatment
Database of Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers in California

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