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modern, all therapy based, drug addiction alcohol rehab treatment centerMalibu Horizon offers the most advanced approach to successful alcohol and drug treatment. Our clinical team is a handpicked group of caring, experienced, professionals, unmatched in the industry. Every aspect of Malibu Horizon's program has been researched and proven to work. By focusing on the root cause of an individual patient's issues, our staff is able to identify and carefully address the core patterns that have caused a continual return to self-destructive behaviors. Empowering clients in their search for increasing insight and awareness, we focus directly on motivation. more

Inpatient Substance Abuse TreatmentWe are a non 12 step drug alcohol rehab treatment center. This allows us to treat each client individually, and use the right approach to ensure their successful, long-term recovery. We are not opposed to the 12 steps. It is a good support group, for after completing treatment. Many clients who come to Malibu Horizon, have tried the 12 steps without success. Non 12 step means our treatment program is not based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our clinically oriented approach is completely non-religious. In fact, our diverse and holistic program provides a wide range of specific therapies designed to teach each client healthy new attitudes, outlooks and behaviors. more

More 1 on 1 Therapy

drug alcohol rehab treatment center program facilityAt Malibu Horizon we treat the whole patient, not just their substance abuse or alcoholism. Our program is designed to provide more 1 to 1 counseling, therapy and groups. Our clinical team utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Therapy as well as Motivational Therapy. Our therapy intensive program includes regular Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Equine Therapy and more.

Non 12-Step Program

Inpatient Drug RehabilitationMalibu Horizon uses clinical therapy and real self-empowerment, not the 12-steps, as the basis for treatment. We realize AA and the 12 step model are not for everyone. Our clients frequently consist of very intelligent people, many of whom come here for treatment because they have not found success in other programs. Malibu Horizon does support the 12 steps, for after treatment.

Depression - Bi-Polar

drug rehab treatment center program facilityDepression, Bi-polar, Anxiety and ADHD often occur in people abusing drugs and/or alcohol. A dual diagnosis is present when a person has both an alcohol and/or drug problem as well as a psychiatric condition. Both the substance abuse and co-occurring condition need to be addressed for a successful, long term recovery. Malibu Horizon specializes in treating clients with a dual diagnosis.

Activities Program

Inpatient Drug RehabOur goal is to help each client discover a passion for healthy, enjoyable activities. Malibu Horizon's holistic approach to treatment is designed to help patients heal gently, while cultivating activities which gradually develop a healthy new clean and sober lifestyle. Our healthy activities include outings to the Pacific Ocean, yoga, meditation, hiking, field trips and more.

Comfortable Detox

alcohol rehab treatment center program facilityAt Malibu Horizon we specialize in providing a safe, comfortable, on-site detoxification program. We offer detox services for alcohol, opioids, prescription medications, as well as street drugs. Our detox service is closely monitored 24 hours a day. By recommendation of our consulting MD, state-of-the-art medications are used to manage symptoms.

Beautiful Facilities

rehab treatment center program facility Malibu Horizon is nestled in the scenic Santa Monica Mountains. The facilities offer gorgeous amenities designed to make each client feel safe, secure and at ease. Malibu Horizon offers two beautiful, residential facilities. Each facility is very private and secure. They are tastefully appointed and designed to make each client feel at home.

Meet Our Founder - Dr. Akikur Mohammad, M.D.

Dr. Mohammad is a board certified addictionologist and psychiatrist in the field of alcoholism and addiction medicine
  • Board Certified Addictionologist
  • Award-Winning Psychiatrist
  • Prescription Detox Expert

Malibu Horizon is directed by one of America's leading specialists in addiction medicine, Dr. A. R. Mohammad. As an award-winning psychiatrist, Dr. Mohammad created Malibu Horizon to accurately address alcohol and substance abuse from a modern, clinical prospective. His program uses a therapeutically oriented, holistic approach. Malibu Horizon treats each client with more 1 to 1 therapy and care. more

  • "I want to thank Dr. Mohammad and the Malibu Horizon staff for saving my life. I went to Malibu Horizon's treatment center and have been clean and sober for over 3 years now." - Helen
  • "I would recommend Malibu Horizon to anyone struggling with an addiction. They offered me great alternatives to the 12 steps and my therapist took a unique approach." - M. C.
  • "Malibu Horizon not only saved my life but they gave me a new life. My family and I are so happy we picked Malibu Horizon over all the other rehabs in Malibu. " - M.M.

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